Larp – published 2018

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg Berlin

Warriors of chaos, orcs, dwarfs, gunfighters, streetwalkers, zombies, mutants, Soldiers of the Apocalypse, and vampires – in his photobook LARP, Boris Leist transports us into the world of Live Action Role Playing. The players in this book create characters, which have the power to blend out the modern world and one’s own social surroundings. Liberated from customary structures, rules and conditions, they immerse themselves and move about in an alien world. The integration of facets of their own real personalities ensures that many characters are highly authentic. The introduction is written by English-American video game developer Richard Garriott de Cayeux aka Lord British (Ultima, Shroud of the Avatar).

Hardcover / 20 x 24 cm
252 pages / 179 color illustrations
Languages: English, German
Design: Kehrer Design
ISBN 978-3-86828-739-4


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